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With Headquarters based in Paris (France) and branches in Bruxelles (Belgium] and Stockholm (Sweden)  PARAGRAF International is an European network of NGO’s and Informal groups who aim to share common values and good methods on non-formal education. Composed and managed by a team of people from different structures and nationalities, our activities aimed at a target audience of young people under 30 years old, as well as training and workshops for youth leaders who want to acquire new skills and improve their work within their community. Our action, centered on international meetings and positive and federating themes such as healthy lifestyles, citizenship and ecology, is aimed primarily at young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or who encounter social, cultural or financial obstacles. On the following years we want to grow around Europe and find people and organisations with similar long term vision interested to join our network.

It leaves you speechless, Then turns you into a storyteller

Profil of the participants

Youth Exchange

French Nationality / Residence - From 18 Y° to 30 Y° - Basic English

Young people and those working in the youth sector can take part in a youth exchange 

Training Course

French Nationality / Residence - From 18 Y° to no age limit - Good English

 Staff, teachers, lecturers and support staff, including volunteers and youth workers, can explore best practices and gain professional development through teaching or training abroad.


Have a look on the active calls,download infopack and check details.We don't ask any participation fees. If you're interested fill the registration form.

Strategic Partnership

French Nationality / Residence - From 30 Y° to no age limit - Business English

 Staff, teachers, lecturers and support staff with huge experience who can share best practices and teaching or training abroad.
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Open a PARAGRAF International branche in your country

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If you want to create your own NGO but you feel lonely, if you are wondering if you are going to manage to organize large-scale international projects or if you don't want to start at the beginning...


When you decide to create an NGO, you go into the unknown, it takes a long time to be a recognized structure and to access large-scale projects or to have a high visibility.

It is this step that you will accelerate by joining our Network PARAGRAF International. The principle is simple, you just have to adhere to our charter and you will benefit from our support in logistics, communication and the realization of international projects. So from the creation of your structure you will be able to set up meetings in your country.


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