Sophie  President France 


Graduated with a degree in Ethnology obtained at the Faculty of Strasbourg she has been involved in community life for over 15 years, through different structures and personal initiative. In 2013 she coordinated her first youth exchange, a meeting based on music education and bringing together nearly 40 young people and leaders. She has since intervened, at different levels, on more than a dozen exchange or training projects. She recently organized two similar projects in Paris, a youth exchange [Back 2 Basics] and a training [Youth are the Voice]. With a professional success in the luxury business sector, she volunteers her experience to serve the youth of the structure.                          sophie@paragrafinternational.eu

            Lilith S

       President Sweden

Certified as bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Medical Sciences from Yerevan University [Armenia], she is now studying public health at Umea University, [Sweden]. Polyglot, English, Armenian, Russian, Greek and Swedish she is involved in community life since 2014 and has held various positions and functions in the coordination of projects throughout Europe.  lilith@paragrafinternational.eu

Graduated in Electrical and Sustainable Energy Engineering, he has always had a passion for ecological, health, social and political issues. Discovering the Erasmus+ programme in 2018 opened new doors and opportunities for him. He has participated since then in various trainings and has also done ESC in a nature reserve in Spain. He works hard to develop himself professionally in the youth sector and wants to expand the Erasmus+ network all over Europe. He has both the Belgian and Greek nationalities, speaks 5 languages and is interested in learning even more.  belgium@paragrafinternational.eu

              Ilias S

         President Belgium

Active member of several NGOs since the beginning of his studies, Bruno Morgado was first coordinator for the "Bona-Spei" structure based in Lisbon. Student at "Solvay Brussels Schools of Economics and Management", he developed a new structure called "IVISON" which allowed him to keep a link with Portugal and to get closer to the Portuguese community living in Belgium. In 2019, he decided to merge with the federation "PARAGRAF International", who can offer new perspectives to his organization. His background allows Bruno Morgado to speak easily French, Portuguese, English, German and Spanish.

            Bruno M

  Project Coordinator Belgium

            Tony K

    Creative Director Europe

Since 2011 he has been project promoter of different Youth exchanges, Training, Capacity building ... For PARAGRAF International he has since 2018: Created the visual entity - Organized our marketing - Developed our network of international partners and put us in touch with trainers and designers who quickly increase the quality and visibility of our structure. He now has a mission to expand the number of PARAGRAF International branches across Europe and will advise on all our projects.  kohhiba_hh@hotmail.com                   


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